Pineda de Mar is located in the Centre of the Maresme's cpast, between the coastal mountains and the sea. Located at 55km from Barcelona and Girona at 45km, it is located in the core of an important communications network comprising road, motorway and railway. A wide and long sandy beach of great quality, together with a wide range of accommodation, cafes, terraces and restaurants, great shopping and a pleasant urban settings with green squares, groves, fountains and parterres of flowers - make Pineda de Mar a privileged core for the family vacation in which the pleasure of the Sun and the beach can be combined with the serenity of the evening. The climate of the area is benign, and the average temperature is around 17 ºc
A lot of sports facilities provide sports which, as in the case of basketball, give fame to the population. Lovers of water sports also have a very well equipped nautical base. Pineda de Mar, moreover, is an ideal place for all kinds of hiking or mountain biking thanks to the proximity of Montnegre Natural Park, of great scenic beauty.
Economic activity in Pineda de Mar is concentrated in utilities, trade, catering and (very varied, but mainly textile) industry. As in most of the coastal populations, the economic evolution of Pineda de Mar has led to an increase in services and trade to the detriment of the agricultural tradition.

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